Monday, September 1, 2014

September 1, 2014


Tomorrow (Tuesday, September 2nd) marks the beginning of Noah’s Reinduction 2 phase, which is 3 weeks long. This is the last Reinduction in his treatment plan, which means this is the last time he gets hammered with some strong chemo. Yes, we are ready to get this part behind us! We still have 2 years of weekly/nightly treatment left, finishing up in August 2016.

Praises – Noah has had a few days recently where he hasn’t been quite so nauseous. He still hasn’t had an appetite, but he is able to tolerate some food smells, and for us to even mention food names without it being terrible. He has acted more like himself, which is a HUGE blessing, it had been a very long time and we have missed his spunky personality.

Prayer requests – Tomorrow is a big day. Noah will not be able to eat until after his procedure, which will probably be around 3:00. He hasn’t had an appetite, so it shouldn’t be a problem, but sure enough, tomorrow will be the day he does.

He has spinal procedure at 2:00. Pray that this goes smoothly. He has had several of these, but it still isn’t easy. (He has had a traumatic spinal in the past that have hurt his legs, so it worries us.)

We are scheduled to start his chemo at 6:45 tomorrow evening and it should last about 2 1/2 hours. One of the chemos he gets will make him feel crummy all week. We are very thankful that since he is low risk, he will only receive this chemo one more time during his treatment (in 2 weeks).

Noah starts another big round of steroids. Pray that it doesn’t give him mood swings, etc. that most children have with it.

I have seen the power of prayer first hand many times. We covet your prayers. Pray that this medicine does the job it’s supposed to do while protecting his healthy cells, and causing no ill effects. Please pray that cancer doesn’t dominate our life. We have had a hard summer, and I pray that after these next 3 weeks, it starts to get easier on Noah (and us). He has been such a trooper!
Thank you!

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  1. Sandi Clevend says:


  2. We will continue to pray for Noah. Sending big hugs…

    aunt Clara and daughter Sherry

  3. Bill DuVal says:

    Hallelujah that the nausea has improved- answered prayers. We’ll continue to pray for a smooth & successful reinduction.