Saturday, October 31, 2015

Halloween. What a sweet reminder of normalcy.


DSC_3472If you look hard in this picture, not only will you see Waldo, but you will see iv pumps and wheel chairs, you might even see the back of a boys head that has been shaved from brain surgery.

St. Jude does such a great job trying to lift the spirit of the patients and their family. They have art time and movie time in the lobby, they allow companies to come in and bring donations. But their trick or treating party is the biggest event that the hospital puts on each year. Each department makes a booth and gives out handfuls AND handfuls of candy.

St. Jude knows that for their patients, a little sugar pales in comparison to what the kids are facing. They know that for some kids, they can’t get out and go trick or treating like their friends or siblings can because they may be attached to a iv pump, or they might have low counts. They know that this might be even be the child’s last Halloween. They also know that for this one day the kids that look different; the ones with scars on their heads, with no hair, or only a few strands of hair, the ones whose eyes look different or the ones that need crutches or wheelchairs, for this ONE day, these kids can look like normal kids and hopefully feel normal.

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