Friday, February 19, 2016

Steroids are hard on mom too!



For the 4th day in a row, Noah has sent me to Target for their popcorn. Today he actually wanted popcorn, a soft pretzel AND an Icee. Yes, we are in full force of steroid week.

Along with the mood swings and emotions steroid week can bring, it also brings strong food cravings. And since my chemo patient son has a hard time finding food to eat the other 20 days of the month, steroid week gives him a chance to enjoy food and gain some much needed calories. It normally brings a lot more work on me, but I’m happy to see him eat.

Some steroid week cravings have been pepperoni, sometimes mashed potatoes, sometimes bacon, and this week seems to be popcorn (with a little bacon on the side. 🙂 ) He is SO picky and when he wants something, what he really means is he wanted it 10 minutes ago.

So you can understand how I was almost in tears when I got to Target and discovered their snack area was closed due to plumbing problems. Doesn’t Target know how huge this is for us??? We need their food and we need it now! I talked to Noah, and after he asked how close the next Target was, 🙂 I offered a few suggestions that he thought he might be able to “try.”

Now I am keeping my fingers crossed that he will like it. And thanking God for the bank that normally gives suckers to the kids, but today they just “happened” to have popcorn instead.

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