Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Another chapter gone


Today as I left for work, I said goodbye to my family, to our baby jumper swing and to another chapter of my life.

My wife got into the attic last night and retrieved a few of our remaining baby items. She was sending them with my parents, who were going to visit my brother and his wife, who are adopting a child. One of the things she sent was this jumpster swing suspended from a spring that hangs over a door frame. It has been a favorite of all three of our kids.

Long before they could stand up, we’d put them in the swing and they’d jump around like crazy, often laughing and squealing in the process. Sarah and I got many laughs from watching them bounce up and down. For Emmalee and Noah, we had a wider doorway where they could swing around in a huge circle. Seeing that swing always brought back happy memories of days gone by.

But those days are now a thing of the past. And bidding adieu to the swing strikes me again with the parenting paradox — that while I’m thrilled to see my children growing to maturity, and while I look forward to what the years ahead hold, the path along the way is littered with times when I realize that certain stages are past and gone forever.

I’ll miss the jumpster, and hope my niece or nephew will love it as much as my kids did.

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  1. Laz says:

    Hey Tim, glad to see that your blog is back

    Like you, I’m thrilled to see my children grow but in some sense am saddened at the stages that have come and gone.

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