Friday, January 31, 2014

Cancer free!


We just got the results back from Noah’s Minimal Residual Disease test this afternoon. We were hoping for an MRD of less than 1 percent, meaning that Noah would stay in the low-risk group with lower dosages of medication and fewer side effects. The Lord has answered our prayers in a big way.

Not only was Noah’s MRD less than 1 percent — his MRD was negative. In essence, that means that they were unable to detect any cancer in his body AT ALL.

Noah will still have to continue treatment, and they can’t technically declare him to be in remission until the end of this induction phase in about four or five weeks. But the long and short of it is that Noah is cancer free. This has positive implications not only for the short term, but for the long-term prognosis as well.┬áTo God be the glory.

Thank you for your prayers. Please keep praying, because the process will still be lengthy and challenging.

We told Noah the news. He was excited for a moment, but then his attention turned to something more important: “Can you get me my pretzels now?”

UPDATE: See this post for some clarification.

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  1. The Lassiters says:

    We rejoice with you and praise our Great Lord for His mercies with you and your family. We will keep praying! Thanks for sharing the good news so fast!


    Jeff, Virna, Omar and Emely

  2. Phyllis Maragni says:

    Yes, in deed – Praise the Lord!!! All the glory to Him. Rejoicing with you.

    Phyllis and Ceasar

  3. Sandy Phipps says:

    Surprised he didn’t ask to go to McDonald’s! I would have. Thought of him at breakfast this morning there. Praise God indeed!
    I will contact my prayer warriors to give them the fantastic news. You have made our day complete. Our oldest grandson graduated from Marine boot camp today in San Diego. We were watching through Facebook pictures. Now you give us the icing on the cake. God is good all the time!

  4. Jason Jones says:

    Praise The Lord!!!! So happy for your family, my friend.

  5. Melanie Rickman says:

    God is so good!

  6. Julie Lamey says:

    Praising the Lord and rejoicing with you guys!!!!

  7. Ranelle says:

    This makes a lot of people VERY happy! Praise God from whom all blessings flow!

  8. Dave and Debi Lewis says:

    Well this should not surprise us as nothing is impossible when we put our trust in God!! So happy to hear this refreshing news and so happy for Noah!!!

  9. Nora and Richard Browning says:

    Praising The Lord and rejoicing.

  10. This is great news,to God be the glory,He is still in control.

  11. Jennifer Washburn says:

    Wow, Praising the Lord with you! He is able! We’ll continue to pray for good reports!

  12. Wow, We are praising God with you. He is able! We’ll continue to pray for good reports.

  13. Pam says:

    Give that baby a pretzel! LOL…..So happy for you all. Prayers still being lifted. Yes, to God be the glory. Love you all

  14. Phyllis Davenport says:

    So glad to hear that Noah is cancer free. With God all things are possible and Noah and your family had lots of prayers being voiced.

  15. Marlene Webb says:

    I am rejoicing with all of you. Am sure our Lord Jesus is too. Of such (Noah) is the kingdom of heaven. ( Matthew 19:14). Shalom!

  16. Ruth Meadows says:

    Praise God ! Through whom all blessings flow. To Him and Him only can we give all the glory to. Blessed is he who believes. I will continue to pray for Noah’s treatments’. In Christ’s love! Ruth

  17. Linda Smith says:


  18. Lottie Lovelace says:

    We are so thankful for this great news. Our prayers are still with all of you. God is GREAT.

    Howell and Lottie

  19. Jason and Amanda Varner says:

    So thankful for you wonderful news, Ellsworth family. Please know that Noah has been and will stay on the top of our prayer list here in Marion, IL. Thank you, Jesus.

  20. Barry and Brenda Sink says:

    Speechless. May God continue to work in Noah’s life, and your entire family.

  21. Krista says:

    Praise the Lord for answered prayer!

  22. Wonderful, wonderful news! May God glorify HIMSELF in your lives through HIS gracious work in Noah’s healing. Thank YOU LORD for the means YOU have granted us in this present generation and for your divine intervention!

  23. Nadine Dunivan says:

    We have been praying for your family.

  24. Nadine Dunivan says:

    Great news. Will keep praying for him and your family.

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