Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Feb. 12 update


2-12-14aIt has been several days since Noah’s chemo “bomb” last Friday. It was a long exhausting day, but I’m happy to report that he had only minor side effects that day. We thank you for your prayers.

We have been at the hospital every day since then. We started giving him an oral chemo that night, he started another chemo on Saturday for four days, and today had a spinal procedure. He is such a trooper.

We continue to be so impressed by St. Jude. Not only do they treat the patient’s illness, but they truly care about them and their families. Today, they had a Valentine’s party for the patients and their siblings. They had crafts, candy, gifts, and entertainment. Noah woke up from his procedure, ready to go to the “Love Bug Bash” party with Daniel and Emmalee.

Tomorrow, we get the day off! We are excited about staying at the house all day because that doesn’t happen often. On Saturday, we’ll start the four days of chemo again.

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  1. Sandy Phipps says:

    Yes these four day chemo bombs are just that as they hope to destroy all the cancer cells anywhere they are hiding. Hard to believe his body is strong enough to fight off all the chemicals that are being pumped into him. God has made us amazing creatures as our bodies are designed to fight off the poison to kill the cancer that is hurting us. St Jude’s and the Great Physician are all Noah needs next to his family and all the prayers being lifted up to God for him. Praise God for His mighty Name and healing grace.

  2. Juanita Cotner says:

    I am so glad Noah is tolerating the treatments. You all are in my prayers everyday. If there’s anything I can do for you please let me know.

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