Friday, February 14, 2014

Feb. 14 update: Rough day today. Back to inpatient.


IMG_20140214_174216_894Today was a difficult day for Noah — the worst he’s had in some time. He was nauseous this morning, lethargic and had a bad headache. He’s not running a fever. The doctor decided to admit him as a precautionary measure, and we’ll most likely be in the hospital until Monday at the earliest. He’s on antibiotics, and they did a respiratory test to determine whether he has any kind of cold or flu virus. We should have the results from that tomorrow.

He didn’t look good this afternoon when I got to the hospital, but he has rallied over the past hour or so. He ate some supper, he’s cheerful and he looks a lot better. That’s encouraging to us.

Please pray that God would destroy whatever is bothering Noah and making him feel bad, so that he can get out of the hospital quickly.

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  1. Sandy Phipps says:

    So sorry to hear about Noah being admitted to the hospital. Hopefully he is just overwhelmed by the chemo. Prayers sent your way. Know your hearts are heavy with worry but God will lift your burdens and protect Noah.

  2. Marlene Cunico says:

    I just said a prayer for sweet Noah! He looks so peaceful in this picture. I prayed that God will touch him like only he can and heal him. I am following you all the way to healing Noah and so is my church.

  3. Cheryl Lewis says:

    So sorry to learn Noah is having a less-than-stellar Valentine’s Day. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers. Between Noah and events at Union, you’ve had an incredibly difficult week.

  4. Melanie Rickman says:

    Praying for all of you, Tim. So sorry Noah had such a bad day. I pray for Gods strength and healing.

  5. Jody Fuson says:

    Praying for Noah that by morning there will be MUCH improvement! We send our love, Tim.

  6. Tim and family. We are remembering you in our prayers, especially Noah. We are crying out for this child, and to enclose you all in HIS arms.

  7. Theresa Hobson says:

    Tim and family, seeing your little boy breaks my heart. Know that our all mighty God can heal him, mends my heart back. Praying for you all and for Gods loving arms to be around you all.
    Theresa Hobson
    First Baptist Church Greenfield

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