Friday, February 21, 2014

Feb. 21: Repeat of last week


We’re back in the hospital for at least the next 24 hours. Noah was running a fever earlier this evening, so we brought him in. Since his ANC levels are so low because of the chemo regimen, they’ve admitted him and will keep him until he’s fever-free for 24 hours. So, we’re here until Saturday night at the earliest.

Some specific requests:

— Please pray that Noah’s fever goes away and stays away so we can be discharged tomorrow night.

— Please pray that Noah has a better attitude about taking his medicine. It’s been a chore lately to get him to take it.

— Please pray for us. It’s so wearying to be back in inpatient care. We had thought he’d be here briefly tomorrow for a basic clinic visit and then not at all on Sunday. So much for those expectations. We’re nearing the end of our six-week induction phase, which we’ve been told is the most difficult part of his lengthy treatment. The end is in sight. But that also means that we are exhausted and weak. We greatly appreciate your prayers.

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  1. Di Winson says:

    Praying, Tim, for all of you!

  2. Debbie Malkovich says:

    Tim, saying prayers for all of you. So sorry your son is having to go through this and pray that each day will be easier for him.

  3. Jody Fuson says:

    Please know our prayers are with all of you.

  4. Gina Scott says:

    So sorry for Noah & you all – praying for healing, patience, strength and stamina.
    Know that you all are on our hearts and in our prayers.

  5. Phyllis Maragni says:

    I know this is a hard road for you all. Praying for God’s grace to be extended to all of your needs. You are in our hearts and prayers.

  6. Melanie Rickman says:

    Praying for you daily Tim..

  7. Sandy Phipps says:

    Sending prayers your way for Noah’s fever to abate and he will be back this old self before long. Realize you are all worn out and need to go home just to take a needed week off to rest and recoup. God is a gracious and loving God who knows all our needs before we even ask but am asking and believing yours will be granted.

  8. Jim Avery says:

    May God continue to strengthen Noah and heal his body. Fever is a sign that Noah’s body is an amazing factory busy at work to destroy unwanted bacteria and viruses, signaling helper T cells, and creating antibodies to fight off unwelcome pathogens. He is fearfully and wonderfully made and no doubt a brave little warrior! We’re praying and thanking Jesus for full recovery!

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