Sunday, March 9, 2014

March 9


20140309_124604As I walked around St. Jude today, I realized how familiar these walls are becoming to us. Two months ago when we arrived, this place seemed so overwhelming to us, much like a maze. Since we have been at the hospital everyday for most of the last two months, we are now walking the halls like we know the place, even Noah. Just ask him what is in C Clinic, he will tell you.

Every day when I walk around St. Jude, passing by other patients, God gently reminds me of how blessed we are. Would I have ever thought I would have said we were blessed to have a child with ALL Leukemia? No way. But He has continually showed me how fortunate we are. There are so many others that have worse things then we do. If you don’t know how blessed you are, just take a minute to walk the halls of St. Jude. You won’t have to go far. Not only are we going through this Leukemia journey with the Hope of Christ, but we are going through this with hope of Noah being cured. Many people don’t have that hope and for that we are extremely grateful.

Prayer requests – Please pray that Noah’s Methotrexate level will come down a lot. For some reason it had increased today. This is discouraging to us. We are thankful that he seems to be doing well, but wish that he had a little break before his next inpatient dose of Methotrexate.

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  1. The Lassiters says:

    We keep praying. May the Lord continue healing him inside out and giving you guys endurance and faith to overcome the circumstances. We love you and miss worshipping with you.

  2. Gina Treuthardt says:

    Praying the Methotrexate will exit the body as it should and that Noah will indeed catch a break. Sarah,, wish there was something I can do 600 miles away!! As always,,,Praying!!! Love and Hugs!

  3. Sandy Phipps says:

    Prayer continually for Noah and his daily trials as well as for the family. Each day is a step forward to his recovery. Praying for strength and courage for the battle ahead.

  4. Anna Clifford says:

    Praying for Noah AND his family. Hugs. ac

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