Thursday, March 13, 2014

Prayer request for March 14


993027_10152281739084169_657175585_nI wanted to post an update about Noah and a prayer request for him. I apologize that I haven’t been posting updates in quite some time. Honestly, I just seem overwhelmed most of the time and haven’t felt like it. On top of this situation we’ve had with Noah’s health, I’ve had arguably the most stressful semester during my 9+ years at Union, with incredible challenges that only compound the weight we’re carrying.

Noah has been feeling great. That’s the good news. The frustrating part is how slow he’s been to clear the methotrexate dose he got almost two weeks ago. That chemo dose was the first part of this second phase of his treatment. He got it on Feb. 28-March 1, and we were told that it typically takes two or three days for it to clear out of his system afterwards. We were hoping that we’d be home on March 3, with several days before his next scheduled dose on March 14.

Unfortunately, that’s not the way it worked out. The methotrexate has continued to linger in his body for far longer than we expected. The levels have been declining, which is good, albeit at a slow pace, which is not so good. At his last appointment yesterday, the pharmacist said we could still expect it to take several more days to clear given the rate that he was purging it.

So, that means the dose that he was supposed to get tomorrow will be delayed. We don’t know how long yet and hope to get some clarity on that tomorrow at his next appointment. We’re hoping tomorrow that the doctors will say that while the methotrexate still hasn’t cleared, it’s OK for him to come home over the weekend, and they’ll check him again on Monday. That’s what we’re praying for, and that’s what we’d ask you to pray for. Noah hasn’t been home since Jan. 10. He’s homesick, and we’re ready to have at least a couple of days of normal life.

Of course, if you want to pray that the methotrexate will be completely gone tomorrow, we’d be fine with that as well.

Thank you so much for you continued prayers for us.

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  1. Sandy Phipps says:

    Praying God would completely remove all of the methothrexate from Noah’s system. Pray he may be able to go home and enjoy a normal weekend. Lord touch and heal his body and give this family peace and rest.

  2. Jody Fuson says:

    Tim, I have shared your prayer request. Please know many here in Illinois are praying!

  3. Beth Scarbrough says:

    Praying for Noah! Hope he gets to come home over the weekend.

  4. Amber Dial says:

    Praying for Noah and family! Strength, courage, wisdom, peace, and healing! we are all praying to a mighty God. “Some men trust in horses. Some men trust in chariots. But we will trust in the name of our God.” Lord, we know you can move mountains, so Lord we are trusting in your decisions. It is our desire that The methotrexate move out of Noah’s body in time for him to spend a wonderful weekend with his family resting in his own bed. Thinking of you and you family Tim.

  5. Theresa says:

    Thanks for your post. Please know we at 1st Baptist Greenfield are praying for you guys as one family and as each person. No words that I could say would mean more than what was said by the next one or the one before that one. Please remember God is holding all of you and His love will hold you till He comes again!

  6. Sherry Franklin says:

    I have just stopped and prayed your prayers for Noah and, as I do daily, I ask that you feel God’s loving arms wrap around you and calm you. God’s got this.

  7. Rhonda Carney says:


  8. Rodney Galles says:

    We are continuing our prayers here in Maryland for Noah. I will also enter his name in the Parish book of prayer for Cancer patients. A special prayer day is set aside every Wednesday for them.

  9. Merv & Jeanita says:

    Tim & Sarah, we are praying for Noah to be relieved of his chemo meds to be home for a few days. To have some peace & fun. Pray that God has a special purpose for Noahs life & especially that you parents have some time to rest & refresh. &have some good time with all the rest of your family. God Bless each of you & give you courage & strength. Fondly, Jeanita & Merv

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