Thursday, May 8, 2014

Finding a New Normal


DSC_2293Noah finished his last scheduled inpatient stay. He had his last high dose Methotrexate on April 28th. Everything went well, except for being nauseous (something he is still battling). Now, I know that this probably won’t be our last inpatient stay, because in the next 2 1/2 years, if Noah runs a fever, he will be put inpatient and given antibiotics. But, this is our last scheduled stay.

Noah also got a port. He has had a line coming out of his chest that he was receiving his medicine through and labs were being drawn. This line served a great purpose but was high maintenance. Noah had been resistant to the idea of changing to a port. I think it was just the unknown that made him nervous. But who can blame him, he has been through so much, I think I would be unsure too. We tried to persuade him by telling him he could go swimming with a port, but that didn’t matter. So we moved to the next best thing, a bike. Thankfully that was all it took for him to get on board.

So, May brought us past many hurdles in this Leukemia treatment plan. No more scheduled inpatient stays, no more bags of fluids to deal with. No more Leucovorin (a medicine that has to be given at a precise time). No more dressing changes, no more flushing his line, no more sponge baths, and hospital bags that can be unpacked. Yes, we are excited!

We are anxious to find our new normal, one that lets us be home more. I’m not going to lie though, I would rather not find a new normal. I want to go back to the old normal. It just makes me sad for Noah and what he has to go through. But, then I am reminded of God’s blessing on our lives, even through this hardship, and I know that we can do this. I know this will all be used for His glory, and some day Noah will be an encouragement to many others. God has been faithful to us so far, and I know He will continue to be. So, new normal, here we come!

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  1. Rodney Galles says:

    Praise God and praise the excellent oncology doctors. The prayers will be continued, but this is some good news to share with the choir.

  2. Aunt Clara and Sherry Froehle says:

    So joyous with all of you. We will continue praying for Noah’s recovery. What a great Mothers’ and Grandmother’s day gift this is for all. Wow what a beautiful red bike you have Noah. Bless you honey!

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