Monday, August 4, 2014

Battling nausea


Would you please pray for Noah, specifically for his nausea? Ever since the reinduction period ended about a month ago, he’s been much more nauseous than he was in the weeks before. He has trouble finding things he can eat. He’ll regularly ask for something because it sounds good, only to see it or smell it once it’s before him and not be able to eat it.

This has been consistent for about the past three or four weeks. He has thrown up several times as well. It’s frustrating for us, and I know it’s got to be terribly frustrating for him. The doctor said today that sometimes even with nausea medicine, this is just the lot for some kids throughout the duration of their treatment. Please pray that God would take away Noah’s nausea and allow him to eat and function somewhat normally.

Many thanks for your prayers and your constant words of encouragement.


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  1. Julie Lamey says:

    Bless his heart-praying for you all! Much love from Huntsville!

  2. Carla Sanderson says:

    Tim, I’m almost sure someone has mentioned peppermint to you but just in case-some people say nausea subsides so eating can occur by letting a piece of peppermint candy dissolve just before eating. I pray God will take this burden from you all. Miss you, think of you so often. Carla

  3. Alice Webb says:

    Bless his sweet heart. Prayers going up for little Noah and all his family.

  4. Amanda Chenault says:

    Praying for Noah this morning. We are also praying for you as his parents that Gid would provide you with strength for this journey and peace for each trial. Praying for a complete healing and an ease of the side effects.

  5. We will continue praying for you Noah, so sorry to hear your going through so much honey. The night may seem dark but with all of Gods love morning will come again. Praying God gives you the strength you need to get through all this. You are loved Noah!

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